Litter Pick

As you know, we have been learning all about animals in our Topic this term and our final week this week has been focusing on fish. We got into a discussion about looking after our seas and oceans and the children began to talk about plastic pollution – especially after some of them had watched Blue Planet 2. I felt that as a final task for our Topic it would be good to take action and show the children how important it is to clean up and respect our local area and environment – not for our own sake but for the animals that live here and so that plastic and rubbish does not get into our water systems and travel further.

So we donned our wellies and plastic coats and got out there! I was so impressed with every child as they all joined in and helped collect rubbish – none of them complained that it was dirty or nasty or they didn’t want to touch it. Instead, every single child picked up at least one bit of rubbish. I hope that this activity has placed a seed in their minds about the importance of keeping our environments clean, recycling and using less plastic if they can in their day to day lives.

Take a look at how much we collected in just 1 hour!

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